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Monday, 8 August 2016

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Top 10 Rose Gold Engagement Rings Buy Online

Rose Gold Engagement Rings


Rose gold engagement rings are one of many variations of gold engagement rings available. Because pure gold (24 karat gold) is too soft for making jewelries, it is combining with metal alloys to create different colored gold. The three popular colored gold include rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. The most significant and highly used gold types is rose gold. It is widely used in jewelry making and preferred by a lot of people because of its unique and beautiful rich color .Rose gold jewelry, especially rose gold engagement rings are becoming more popular with each passage of time. Rose gold is also extremely flexible with what it can be worn with. Rose gold engagement ring can be worn with any color of jewelry and will compliment it all. A key difference between rose gold engagement ring and white gold engagement ring is that the color of rose gold engagement ring will never fade, unlike white gold color engagement rings. The warm color of rose gold engagement rings is not result of a surface finish; it comes from the mixture of yellow gold and copper in the alloy. The rose gold engagement rings are long lasting. When making a promise and showing your love for someone special there is nothing more meaningful than gifting a ring. Choose special rose gold rings for your special ones.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The top 10 rose gold engagement rings are as under:          

1-Six Prong Diamond rose gold engagement ring:                                                                            
A popular variation is the six prong diamond rose gold engagement ring, also known as the ‘Tiffany’ setting, it is named after Tiffany. This particular example pairs a rose gold band with a white gold head, which minimizes the possibility of any of the rose color from the ring setting being seen through the diamond and making it look ‘warmer’ in color than it really is. It adds your stylish look and makes you attractive.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

2-Diamond heart shaped rose gold engagement ring:            
The diamond heart shaped rose gold engagement ring is very beautiful in style and most romantic. The diamond of the heart shaped rose gold engagement ring shines, the solitaire setting does a great job of allowing the diamond to shine brilliantly by allowing as much light as possible to enter and then be reflected. Due to its romantic style everyone wants to buy it. If you want to express your love for a special person this ring collection will help you and will make your work easier.
 Rose Gold Engagement Rings
3-Square cut rose gold engagement ring:
Square cut rose gold engagement ring is very beautiful and stylish. It sparkles and shines with gorgeously glittering Cubic Square. It is designed in such a way that it reflects the light beautifully, this stylish ring is made by 9 karat rose gold for a luxurious feel. This ring is very durable. Square cut rose gold engagement ring suits with every skin color, by wearing this ring everybody looks very smart.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

4-Olivia rose gold engagement ring:        
Olivia rose gold engagement ring contain 18 karat rose gold .It has very brilliant round shape. There are 22 or more than 22 small diamonds around a central beautiful solitaire diamond, every small diamond on it fitted very beautifully. Width of Olivia rose gold engagement ring is 2.00m Olivia rose gold engagement ring also reflects light. You can wear it in different occasions.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

5-Art carved rose gold engagement ring:
Art carved rose gold engagement ring consist of round stone which is set at the center of the ring of twisted setting. It is available in platinum 18 karat and 14 karat gold, the central solitaire diamond is highly reflective. The structure of this ring is very gorgeous and attractive. Its settings can be custom made to fit any size or shape center stone. It looks very beautiful due to its twisted setting.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

6-Frederic sage rose gold engagement ring:
Frederic sage rose gold engagement ring is formed beautifully with its center stone inside an open leaf shape sparkling with micro diamonds set. This sage ring can be used in romantic occasions. It is available in size center and metal. The structure of this ring shows natural beauty. Frederic sage designs some of the world most innovative handmade rings. This beautiful ring is the famous collection of Frederic sage rose gold engagement rings. This is available in 14 karat, 18 karat and 9 karat etc.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

7-Open heart rose gold engagement ring:
Open heart rose gold engagement ring is very sophisticated one. Get sophisticated sparkle with this stunning 9 karat rose gold ring from open hearts by Jane Seymour. Jane Seymour’s iconic open hearts design interwoven with dazzling diamonds for a breathing shows that, if your heart is open, love will always find its way in. Actually it shows the beauty of love. The diamonds interwoven are round in shapes and looking attractive. It is available in I to S sizes.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

8- Cubic Zirconia wishbone rose gold engagement ring:
Cubic zirconia wishbone is very beautiful, stunning eternity ring. Add color and sparkle to your style with this stunning eternity ring. It is crafted skilfully from 9 karat rose gold for sleek sophistication; it is set with glittering cubic zirconia stones for a dazzling look. This ring suits with every skin color.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

9-Ellie rose gold engagement ring:
Ellie rose gold engagement ring exudes classic charm. A very clear and transparent diamond is with an 18 karat rose gold band. There are two small emerald cut reflecting beautiful diamonds on each side of the loose diamond to add the beauty of the elegant ring. The width of this charming ring is 2.00m. It adds the style of wearer.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings

10-Kirk Kara rose gold engagement ring:
 Kirk Kara ring is award winning design. This beautiful design is from Dahlia and most prized creations collection. This rose gold engagement ring is the Kirk Kara selection for women’s for their engagement. It features 1/10 karat weight of diamond. The central 1 karat round stone or solitaire diamond looks very charming and gorgeous. It is meticulously crafted, highly detailed, and forever beautiful.
Rose Gold Engagement Rings



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